Camera Support Burbank opened its doors in 1989. Founding partners Randy Gomez, Gary Taillon and Marc Hunter came together to establish a company to service their ever growing needs to provide innovative camera solutions. All veteran television cameramen and technicians, their expertise helped establish Camera Support as the company to call for many Television and Film Industry productions. 

Camera Support was instrumental in establishing Film on Ped as well as becoming the leader in Jib Arm rentals. The company expanded to include Steadicam, Railcam and Remote head rentals as well as innovative new HD Camera Ped Systems, Single HD Camera Packages, HD flight packs. Support gear like the Techno-Jib 24, CS Slider and Talon Remote Head continue to provide the latest in specialty camera tools for our Industry. 

Camera Support continues to evolve and innovate and is committed to providing the highest level of service. The company's owners still work in the Industry and understand the commitment needed to stay your rental house of choice.