The Camera Support Techno-Jib includes propriety custom modifications designed in collaboration with the best jib and crane operators in the industry. Optional accessories are available to allow remote zoom, focus and telescopic control. A customizable monitor viewing system allows nearly unlimited positioning of large, high definition viewfinders for optimal viewing by the operator.

The Camera Support Edition Dolly with built-in forklift receivers allow easy pick-up and relocation. The telescopic post offers 18" of smooth, quiet, vertical travel with the push of a button. The Techno-Jib comes standard with the Stanton Remote System, and the included Mitchell Mount adaptor can accommodate most remote heads. The Techno-Jib can extend 8ft. to a max of 24 ft. at a max speed of 4.0 ft. per second with a maximum payload of 55 lbs.

The Techno Rental

Techno-Jib comes standard with the following equipment: Stanton remote head with adjustable controls. 4-Wheel dolly with telescoping column 17" HD/SDI viewfinder monitor and 8" HD/SDI program monitor Side-mounted arm control rails. A camera assistant / technician is required and will be supplied starting at $60 per hour. Local delivery / pick up fee is $250.00

Techno-jib specs

  • Maximum Height 26 Ft.

  • Maximum Reach 24 ft.

  • Minimum Reach 8 ft.

  • Minimum total arm length 15 ft.

  • Minimum Height Dolly + Am 76 in.

  • Maximum Speed ( Telescopic Movement) 4.0 f/s

  • Maximum Load 55 lbs.

  • Weight of Arm 540 lbs.

  • Total counterweight 325 lbs.

Camera Support Telescopic Dolly

  • Length 48 in.

  • Width 48 in.

  • Minimum Height (dolly+column) 44in.

  • Maximum Height (dolly+column) 60 in.

The techno-jib requires a 16 x 20 platform