Based on the Cam Mate jib arm, Camera Support jibs provide a level of precision rarely seen in a portable camera crane. Custom leveling systems and cable supports provide unparalleled stability in a wide variety of shooting conditions. The electronic controls are tailored to the high demands of the professional cameraman, from highly adjustable motor responses to ergonomic features.

Camera Support jib arms range in length from 6 - 40ft., as measured from pivot to camera. Three Dolly types are available to suit your needs on stage or on location, on track or on the ground.

A custom nosepiece allows rapid conversion from under to over-slung heads and feature a Mitchell style mounting. Three styles of electronic remote heads are available ranging from lightweight video to large format 35mm PL mount cameras.

All Camera Support jib arms are delivered complete with arm, dolly, remote head, all controls and a variety of adaptors and cables to allow integration with most cameras. (Actual arm length varies slightly from industry-standard numbers. See schematics below. Three foot increments not available above 24 ft. arms.)

weights and lengths                                      

  • Main Boom 27lbs. 77in.

  • Tail Section 13lbs. 42 in.

  • Extensions 20lbs. 77in.

  • Maximum Counter-Weight 550lbs.

optional configurations

Horizontal Reach from Dolly and Maximum Height

  • 24'9" Reach 31' Height

  • 21'9" Reach 28' Height

  • 18'9 Reach 25' Height

  • 15'9" Reach 23' Height

  • 12'9" Reach 20' Height

  • 6'9" Reach 12' Height

optimal platform size for 180% swing

18-24 ft. arm requires 12 x 12 ft. platform

30-40 ft. Arm requires 16 x 20ft. platform