From Left to right, top row to bottom.The Cammate Head, The Mini Jimmy, The Stanton Head and the Talon head.


the cammate head

The CamMate Standard " L " Head includes Pan/Tilt/Focus/Zoom and Iris controls. The optional double bearing system can be included to provide extra stability.

STANDARD L-HEAD comes with:

  • 2 - 12VDC 4 pin connections

  • 1 - Triax or "Trico" BNC connection

  • 1 - Time Code BNC connection

  • 1 - Gen-Lock BNC connectio

  • 2 - Video Lines labeled Video 1 and Video 2.


The Mini Jimmy

  • Weighs only 7lb (3.1 kg)

  • Preformes one revolution in 2.5 seconds

  • 25lb (11.3kg) camera capacity

  • Super Smooth Jimmy Jib Remote control

  • Can operate up to 1000ft (304m) away from base

  • All Camera Support heads include a Tally System


the staton head

Camera remotes includes Pan/Tilt/Focus/Zoom and Iris Controls. External tally system is included. The included lens controls are adequate for most ENG video cameras. The optional Preston FIZ, which is completely wireless, is an exact focus iris zoom system for cine lens support, and can be added to your order. We include the joystick control with this head. 


the talon head

The Talon Head is a light weight motion control remote head weighing only 21 pounds and can handle a pay load of 50lbs. It can be controlled via wheels or a joystick. The Talon head can store up to 2000 pre-programmed moves. It is Mitchel mount so easy to add to any pro-support. It is compatible with the Techno jib and the Standard jib.